Star Wars: The Old Republic will still be a player on the MMO scene in a decade’s time, according to Frank Gibeau.

Scale and a flexible business model would be key to making this happen, the EA Labels boss said.

“We're still playing Dark Age of Camelot, we're still playing Warhammer, we're still playing Ultima Online, we're still playing Runescape, we're still playing Lineage. What's beautiful about an MMO is that when you get to a certain scale it stays with the program for a long time."

“We're still publishing Ultima Online for seventeen years. So we're definitely going to be in the Star Wars business for a long time and if the business changes in accordance with how the market is reacting, then that's just good process for us since we're trying to create the best possible service for our gamers," he said.

Making the game free-to-play wasn’t out of the question, although Gibeau believed that the subscription model would never die.

“We're going to be in the business from a long term standpoint so absolutely we're going to embrace free access, free trial, ultimately some day we can move in and embrace that model. It's all a matter of timing and thinking things through. We have a great business right now and we're not looking to make any abrupt changes.

"When you have an IP as broad as Star Wars, we're definitely going to look at opportunities to grow that business and look at different ways of bringing customers in and serving them," he said.

Star Wars: The Old Republic hit a peak of 1.7 million players but has seen that number drop to 1.3 million subscribers in recent months.