The Elder Scrolls Online won’t be another World of Warcraft clone, according to developer Zenimax Online.

Many gamers feared the worst when an MMO-standard toolbar and attacks with cooldowns were unveiled at the E3 preview event for the title.

However game director Matt Firor said there were many features included that had never been seen before in an MMO, and that WOW borrowed from games that preceded it anyway.

“Making an MMO is making an MMO,” he said. “I worked in the industry before World of Warcraft, so I can tell you that World of Warcraft had a lot of influences from a lot of games.

“Our priority is to make a great game and not to make a clone of anything. A lot of things [in the game] have no analogue in pretty much any other MMO.”

People would realise this when they played it, he claimed.

“Our whole real-time combat system of blocking and dodging is all pretty much new. And the fact that it’s based on health, stamina and magicka – you have to maintain your stamina bar to block and it’s all real-time – gives it a completely different feel from any MMO.

“Games are a lot about feel. When you see them in a magazine it’s hard to get an idea of exactly what’s in it and how it plays and what features work.”

TESO is slated for a 2013 release. A beta date has not yet been set.