Should you wish to name your Diablo III character Atheist, Christian, Mormon, Hindu or Islam, you are out of luck.

The names have been banned by Blizzard, which would be quite an annoyance if your name actually was Christian.

Catholic is also banned, yet Protestant isn’t.

Muhammad, Buddhism and Scientology are also allowed.

Make of that what you will.

Elsewhere, Diablo III’s Monk class has had its healing powers reduced.

“We're in the process of removing the on-use benefits of the Mantra of Healing rune, Boon of Protection,” said Blizzard.

Following the fix, the amount of damage absorbed is now capped at the amount of healing provided by Mantra of Healing in the first three seconds after activation.

Blizzard has recommended discontinuing use of the rune until it is replaced with a new rune mechanic in a future patch.

“The Boon of Protection rune was approximately ten times over its budget on the benefits it provided, and it was quite simply a mistake on our part to let the rune ship as it was. We don't intend to take these quick and drastic measures often, but considering the severity of the issue, we felt it important to correct it swiftly.”

A full list of recent hotfixes will be provided by Blizzard tomorrow.