Blizzard and Valve have announced a mutual agreement over the use of the Defence of the Ancients brand.

Valve will continue to use DOTA commercially for the upcoming DOTA 2, whereas Blizzard’s StarCraft 2 mod – formerly known as Blizzard DOTA – will instead be called Blizzard All-Stars.

In February, Blizzard challenged Valve’s right to use the title DOTA 2 via the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Both parties are now satisfied that the issue has been resolved.

“Both Blizzard and Valve recognize that, at the end of the day, players just want to be able to play the games they’re looking forward to, so we’re happy to come to an agreement that helps both of us stay focused on that,” said Rob Pardo, executive vice president of game design at Blizzard Entertainment.

“As part of this agreement, we’re going to be changing the name of Blizzard DOTA to Blizzard All-Stars, which ultimately better reflects the design of our game. We look forward to going into more detail on that at a later date.”

Valve president and co-founder Gabe Newell was also positive regarding the arrangement.

“We’re pleased that we could come to an agreement with Blizzard without drawing things out in a way that would benefit no one.”

“We both want to focus on the things our fans care about, creating and shipping great games for our communities,” he said.

Under the agreement, Blizzard will keep non-commercial use of DOTA for its community with regard to player-created maps for WarCraft III and StarCraft II.