Diablo III’s new difficulty level, Inferno, is twice as hard as was play tested according to Lead Designer Jay Wilson.

The mode, which players must be level 60 to even attempt, is built to challenge even the most hardcore Diablo fan. As Wilson told IGN, the reason for that was obvious.

“Because we knew no matter how good we are, our players are gonna be better. We focused on making that as difficult as we could make it.”

“It’s very, very, very hard.”

As well as making enemies stronger, Inferno sees enemy champions using abilities not available to them anywhere else in the game, such as erecting walls to block a player’s escape.

To tackle the mode successfully, Wilson recommends a character have strong single target abilities, devastating area of effect attacks, and at least two defensive abilities – be awesome at everything, in other words.

Although it is possible for Inferno to be played solo as Diablo III's difficulty scales relative to player number, multiple players coordinating attacks for additional damage may have an easier time of it.

Diablo III is out May 15 for Mac and PC.