Inside the Diablo III Collector's Edition is a treasure trove of materials for the Diablo fan. There's the game DVD, of course, but that's just the beginning:

Behind The Scenes DVD and Blu-Ray DVD two-disc set:

We won't tell you exactly what the Behind-The-Scenes materials cover, but the documentary provides terrific insight from producers, artists, writers, programmers, and musicians into the creation of Diablo III.

Collector's Edition soundtrack:

Speaking of musicians, the Collector's Edition soundtrack contains 24 original pieces from Diablo III. Put it on in the middle of a house party to clear out the rabble.

Diablo Skull and 4GB USB Soulstone:

The desk- or shelf-top swag centre-piece of the Collector's Edition, this Soulstone USB drive contains full versions of Diablo II and its expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. The socket in the skull also appears to be magnetised, meaning the Soulstone will need to be gently pried from the Lord of Terror's skull.

The Art of Diablo III:

As far as we're concerned, this is the real winner of the Collector's Edition. We can't show or tell you what's within as it contains all kinds of spoilers (seriously, if you're getting the Collector's Edition, look at the artbook after you've played the game), but it's beautiful. 208 pages of concept art through to final renderings, and everything in between.

In-game content:

Obviously we haven't seen this, but we can tell you what it is: In Diablo III, owners of the Collector's Edition will be able to call forth angelic wings, like those of Tyrael and the other arch-angels. Those who own World of Warcraft will be able to take advantage of a pet Fetish Shaman from the jungles of Kurast and beyond, while StarCraft II players will receive three exclusive in-game portraits.

Check out our Collector's Edition unboxing below!