Gameplanet:: What’s the reasoning behind moving the mesmer away from being a support role?

Jon Peters: We haven’t really moved the mesmer away from support; what we’ve done is make the mesmer similar to other Guild Wars 2 professions in that they can and must fulfil multiple roles in combat. Instead, mesmers distinguish themselves from other professions by their unique play-style – there’s nothing quite like it in the game.

Gameplanet:: In co-operative battles, what is the defining role of the mesmer?

Jon: The mesmer can play any role in battle, but they are defined by how they do it. They use deception and positioning to force their opponents to react to their skills. Mesmers are for players who like to create situation their opponents need to deal with and solve.

Gameplanet:: Do Mantras level up alongside the character, and how many can be used at once?

Jon: Mantras are utility skills that are unlocked similarly to other utility skills by purchasing them with earned skill points. There is also a healing skill that is a mantra, which means that a mesmer can have as many as four mantra equipped.

Gameplanet:: Will a mesmer be capable of melee combat without relying totally on magic?

Jon: I don’t think so. Mesmers always rely on their illusions to deceive and defend themselves. The most effective mesmer mixes and matches his tools to fit the situation as opposed to just wading into combat, weapon swinging.

Gameplanet:: How does a mesmer acquire the Shattering skills?

Jon: Shattering skills are automatically acquired by levelling up. They begin with the first two skills and earn the other two shatter skills at early levels.