A hefty patch and another beta build means we’re back out in the new 80+ zones. Accessible beyond Tanaris is Uldum, Land of the Titans. The desert home of the stone-cat tribes known as Tol’vir.

Concealed within is a pyramid, thought to be some kind of super weapon that will end all life on Azeroth. Is it called the World Pyramid? The record suggests: ‘Probably.’

Uldum is also home to three new five player dungeons, the Vortex Pinnacle, the Lost City of Tol’vir and the Halls of Origination. There’s a new raid dungeon, too, known as the Throne of the Four Winds. Crom laughs at your four winds.

The area itself is a picture. I spent at least half an hour touring this area trying to take it all in and have to say this is my favourite zone to date. It’s one of white sand pocked with oases and Egyptian-inspired architecture. Desert townships nestle among the foothills and the zone is bisected a reed banked river that runs from the far north to a delta in the coastal South.

So, before all this gushing wrecks my keyboard, we’d best move on to the nitty-gritty of getting there and what you can expect.

The game will point you to Uldum once you’ve capped level 83 and completed the main Deepholm quest arc. Presumably you can also simply show up uninvited and pick up the story on location.

Should you follow the bread crumbs from Deepholm to Tanaris, you’ll be asked to accompany a caravan heading into Uldum. Interact with the nearest camel and you’ll trigger the first of many cut scenes that set the stage for your adventures in the zone.

To begin, your caravan is attacked by irritable Sand Pygmies riding hyena and you regain control of your character once it’s locked up in a prison camp by a dissident tribe of Tol’vir called the Neferset.

Sharing your cage is a human woman, Adarrah, who has managed to smuggle a single lock pick in and quickly cracks the cage. After you have taken care of the guard you’ll meet feline prince Nadun of Ramkahen, another prisoner of the Neferset and brother to Tol’vir King Phaoris.

The Neferset have turned on the rightful ruler and intend to present prince Nadun as a gift to a new and powerful ally.

You’re first tasked with uncovering the identity of this ally and helping the prince to escape so that he can lobby his brother to wage war on the Neferset.

Once you’ve secured the King’s support you must make your way through the area uniting the disparate tribes and helping put down any Neferset insurgencies – as well as those pesky Wastewander bandits.

Uldum is refreshing. It comes as a welcome relief as I was facing some serious Warcraft burnout over the last couple of days. The intention is for the next few entries in this diary to explore several of the new instances that have opened up for testing before taking in another new zone. Stay tuned.

If there’s anything you’d like to hear about, just let us know in the comments and we’ll bring back whatever information we can, testing conditions pending, obviously!

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