Hello music fans! Unless you have been head down in the trench of modern life for the past three weeks, you'll know that Gameplanet is very excited to be partnering with Pandora to bring you a series of playlists we hope will pump up your gaming experience.

We've hand-picked songs which we feel fit extra-well when paired with upcoming games, but don't worry if you don't have the relevant game to jam alongside these tracks – they are just as good when you are shooting the breeze with a flatmate, making a toastie, or working on your high-five technique in the mirror.

Listen to our Battlefield 1 playlist now

We first dropped the hammer with some Kiwi and Aussie tunes that are a perfect fit for the racing chaos of Forza Horizon 3. Then last week we threw down a hip-hop mix to celebrate the release of Mafia III. This week, we constructed a playlist with Battlefield 1 – out this Friday! – in mind.

Inspired by historic events, Battlefield 1 is set in World War I, and promises an appropriately sombre campaign and a multiplayer mode with a high death count. So, to offset the grim realities of 20th century trench warfare, this week we're using the flexibility of Pandora to do something a little different: we've put together a playlist of songs guaranteed to keep a smile on your dial – regardless of how many virtual artillery barrages land on your squad.

Listen to our Battlefield 1 playlist now

Don't get us wrong: there's no "Whistle While You Work" in there, but everything is uptempo and sunny, and will transport you from the mud of Gallipoli, the Argonne Forest, or the Sinai Desert to your personal happy place.

There's some ethereal Ellie Goulding, a fist-pumping Muse anthem, and more – all mixed in with Pandora's own recommendations, so there's no shortage of uplifting tracks in your gaming life. Who knows? A positive frame of mind might send your K/D ratio as well as the corners of your mouth northward.

So, what are you waiting for? Slide into your fatigues, hit play or download the mobile app, and keep morale high! Just be sure to check out our other game-themed playlists coming out each week this month thanks to Pandora. Happy listening!

what are you waiting for? Slide into your fatigues, hit play or download the app, and keep morale high!