We have 1000 keys for the Battlefield Play4Free closed Beta, which can be redeemed for the opportunity to play the game until April 4.

Battlefield Play4Free combines the best of the Battlefield series – updates of the classic maps and vehicles of Battlefield 2, the definitive classes and weapons of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the RPG-like levelling and customization system of Battlefield Heroes.

As the game’s title suggests, all of this available to players for free online, using the Play4Free model pioneered by Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Play4Free features the classic Battlefield series’ vehicular combat, set across huge sandbox maps, for up to 32 players. Players can control jeeps, tanks, helicopters and even jets as they compete in battles between the USA and Russia. On the ground, intense infantry battles play out between specialized, customized soldiers.

About the Beta

The Battlefield Play4Free Beta is available on PC only. Simply answer the question above, and and follow the on-screen instructions to receive your Battlefield Play4Free Beta key.

For technical support, please visit Electronic Arts.