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About Borderlands

Borderlands combines the best in first-person action with player customization and vehicular combat to deliver an exciting Role-Playing Shooter experience. The game features a groundbreaking content generation system allowing for near-endless variety in weapons and item drops.

Borderlands allows for multiple players to share the same game experience simultaneously online in co-op gameplay. Players can freely join or leave each other's games at any time, or choose to play in the full single-player mode. These features, along with a rich and deep fiction that touches upon the mysteries buried beneath the surface of a danger-filled planet, combine to form a breakthrough experience that challenges the conventions of modern shooters.


FPS Action Meets RPG Character Progression. Players can choose from one of four distinct characters and earn experience and gain proficiency in a number of specialties as they do battle with enemies. Upgrades can be invested in a wide variety of special abilities, allowing players to create a fully customized character that is tailored to their playing style

Co-op Engineered Game Design. Borderlands is built from the ground-up to be an exciting and intuitive co-operative multiplayer experience that rewards players for investing in specific co-op skills.

Radical New Art Style. Fresh and exciting new visual style combines traditional rendering techniques with hand-drawn textures to paint a unique and eye-catching spin on the First Person Shooter genre.

Gun Lust. Choose from an arsenal of hundreds of thousands of weapons, each with their unique manufacturers, specifications and advantages. A revolutionary new content generation system produces almost infinite tools of destruction.

Intense Vehicular Combat. Get behind the wheel of and engage in intense vehicle-to-vehicle combat, complete with extensive damage modelling and spectacular explosions.

Next Big Original IP From Gearbox Software. Experience the action and creativity derived from the pedigree of one of gaming’s most consistent and respected developers.