Nintendo has announced the release date for the highly anticipated Luigi's Mansion 3 and it's just perfect.

Luigi's ghoulish new adventure is set to spook small and big kids alike this Halloween (October 31 for those who didn't have a childhood). I was going to terrify the local neighbourhood kids this Halloween, but now I'll just turn off all the lights and pretend I'm not home.

Luigi's Mansion 3 will see Mario's neglected brother exploring the spooky Last Resort Hotel, this time joined by his ectoplasmic twin Gooigi.

The game features co-op so players can take a friend along for the journey and will be Luigi's first mainline foray on the Nintendo Switch.

I wasn't lucky enough to play the predecessors, so I'm excited to see what made the series so popular.

Have you played the previous games and are you keen for the third entry? Let me know what's so great about the series in the comments below! (not that I need any reason to play it).