Darksiders Genesis box art

Darksiders Genesis

Switch Released 14 February 2020 Also on PC
Airship Syndicate
THQ Nordic
7.5/ 10
“Hellish Delight”
Darksiders Genesis is a welcome addition to a solid franchise and does a good job at expanding on the universe. Despite the shift in camera perspective, the game retains its signature blend of combat, puzzles and platforming and is a joy to play. Small issues like a woeful map and occasional bugs get in the way of the action a little, but the addition of co-op and the excellent gameplay more than makes up for any shortfalls. Genesis is a must-play for fans of the series and those looking for some solid action on the Switch.
Reviewed on Switch

Monday 24 February

Darksiders Genesis Nintendo Switch Review
Darksiders Genesis Nintendo Switch Review
War and Strife and all things nice.