Scribblenauts, a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS with an interesting twist to it, could well be one of the hit games coming out of this year’s E3.

On show at the Warner Brothers Interactive stand, the pint-sized puzzler comes from Seattle-based developer 5th Cell where the ultimate objective is to collect things called Starites.

This is how it works: a scene on the DS’s touch screen shows a puzzle, say a cat stuck on the roof of a house. Your job is to get the cat down, but you do that by – and here’s the really cool part – by writing what item you’d like you use.

The Warner Brothers rep with me said that the game has tens of thousands of words in its dictionary, so if you write out ladder, a ladder will magically appear on the screen. If the item won’t work, the puzzle won’t be solved. So for the cat stuck up the roof, writing fish would work as a fish would appear and the cat will climb down and eat it.

The puzzles in this side-scrolling game, which is controlled entirely by the DS’s stylus, will range from being incredibly simple to more cerebral, and in fact, the very first puzzle is to select your character (it could be a fireman or a chef) then write down the names of two items that your character would use every day.

Want to know how special this game is? Word is that IGN have picked this game as one of their best of the year and someone told me it’s been nominated as one of its best in show. It’s due for release in the US fall, so, again, probably spring for us (fingers crossed).

I know that Nintendo isn’t as big in New Zealand as in the rest of the world, but after seeing uniquely different games like this, Kiwis need to start getting behind the brand more so we get to see these sorts of titles.