Super Smash Bros. is coming to the 3DS this winter and the Wii U in summer 2014, Nintendo has announced.

The company has also revealed five playable characters for the game: Charizard, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus are now independent characters rather than alternate forms of other characters; Yoshi will return to the franchise; and there is a newcomer in Pokémon X and Y’s Greninja (in its fully-evolved form).

New Assist Trophies (NPCs) were also announced: Skull Kid and Midna from the Zelda series, Dark Samus from the Metroid Prime trilogy, and the Chain Chomp from Mario.

For the first time ever, those playing offline will be able to customise a character’s movesets. Online there will be the choice to play with friends, random opponents, or "for glory" without items and on basic Final Destination-style versions of each map.

Nintendo said it will enforce a code on conduct in the game, which will see those starting games and not playing, repeatedly dropping out, partaking in “relentless targeting of an individual”, cheating, or repeatedly self-destructing temporarily banned from online play.

The 3DS version of the game runs in 60fps with 3D enabled, although some NPC characters and items will run at 30fps. It will also feature an exclusive Smash Run mode, an online mode similar to Adventure mode in Smash Bros Melee.