Nintendo's Masahiro Sakurai has suggested that if players are finding the controls in Kid Icarus: Uprising painful, they are doing it wrong.

"If there are players who say that it makes their hand tired, that's because you're applying too much force," said the Kid Icarus: Uprising creator in a recent interview with IGN.

"Try to relax and work on building a rhythm to your control. Place the pen in the middle of the touchscreen; when you're flicking it, take the pen off the screen as you're sweeping with it, and stop right there. That's the basic idea."

Sakurai also stated that due to device constraints, twin analogue stick support for Kid Icarus was "technically impossible", and would have upset the multiplayer balance anyway.

"If a player used to touch screen-based aiming played against someone used to right-analog control, the first player would probably dominate. The speed is on a whole different level."

"I think any game needs to provide new experiences and stimulating things to discover, but if we provided run-of-the-mill controls for it, that cuts down on the game's potential," he said.

Gameplanet’s Adam Goodall called Kid Icarus: Uprising "one of the funniest, most enjoyable, most challenging games to ever come out for a Nintendo console", but singled out the controls as the game’s biggest flaw, labelling them “unwieldy and uncomfortable”.