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Wii U, controllers, social features officially unveiled on pre-E3 live stream
NEWS Party like it's 2005.
Nintendo streaming Wii U content this morning
NEWS Small upstart hopes to stand out amongst E3 news deluge.
Activision Blizzard settles Infinity Ward litigation
NEWS All parties kiss and make up.
Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise announced
NEWS So naughty it hurts.
360, PS3
New, darker Star Wars franchise announced
NEWS Double lucky number.
New Castlevania titles, PES 13 announced; Metal Gear Rising dated
NEWS Konami goes premature.
Witcher devs working on Cyberpunk 2020 adaptation
NEWS From the table to the save game.
Rumour: Zynga working on Unreal Engine-based “mid-core” titles
NEWS Cows: feed or frag?
Humble Indie Bundle V is a ripper
NEWS It's hard remaining humble when you are this damn good.
New Xbox Live music video app launches
NEWS Might get in the way of gaming.
No Doubt sue Activision over Band Hero feature
NEWS Some doubt that No Doubt trial will find reasonable doubt.
360, PS3, Wii, PS2
Party Games
Middle-earth MOBA coming to console marketplaces
NEWS Battle of the five army people.
360, PS3
Videogame helps doctors identify addicts
NEWS "He's sure using a lot of those medikits."
Doom 3 BFG Edition will support head-mounted displays
NEWS Chest-mounted flashlight also added.
PC, 360, PS3
Action: First-Person
Author drops case against Ubisoft, for now
NEWS Still claims Assassin's Creed ideas were stolen.
PC, 360, PS3, WiiU
Action: First-Person
Governor's comments effectively sank 38 Studios - Schilling
NEWS Private investor gets the heebie jeebies.
Bandicoot co-creator joins a listing THQ
NEWS AAA games a focus.
Rugby Challenge gets Vita release
NEWS Coin rugby finally has a legit competitor.
PC, 360, PS3, Vita
Sports: Rugby & League
Sony E3 press event open to the public
NEWS Hecklers wanted.
PS3, Vita
Developer's incompetence leaves former employees with second mortgages
NEWS More managerial missteps by 38 Studios.
Fan-designed Mass Effect hoodies to be made by Bioware
NEWS Not just for merch "Collectors".
PC, 360, PS3
RPG: Real Time
Silent Hill remakes hampered by incomplete source code
NEWS And a broken fog machine.
360, PS3
Action: Third-Person
IndieRoyale Bundle raises $33,600 for charity
NEWS Gamers give generously.
MMO was to blame for 38 Studios closure
NEWS 38 Studios Rhode Island didn't work on Amalur at all.
Amalur 2 was underway when 38 Studios sank
NEWS Was shopping for a publisher.
Carmageddon reboot achieves Kickstarter goal
NEWS Cow-led protest ultimately ineffectual.
Blizzard StarCraft II World Championship New Zealand finals detailed
NEWS Watch live on Gameplanet.
Strategy: Real Time
Indiegame: The Movie available on Steam
NEWS We got it for cheap.
Activision “crazy” to let True Crime: Hong Kong go
NEWS Deliciously derivative.
PC, 360, PS3
Teen novels worse than videogames – study
NEWS Words are evil.