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First official Total War modding tool released
NEWS Free map editor for MP and vs AI.
Chronicle director signs on for Shadow of the Colossus
NEWS Videogame movies: always high quality.
Adventure & RPG
Diablo III: some religion-based names banned; Monk class powers reduced
NEWS No Christians allowed.
PC, 360, PS3
RPG: Online
Diablo III sets sales record
NEWS Apologetic celebration.
PC, 360, PS3
RPG: Action
Heavy Rain, Journey devs criticise industry immaturity, violence fetish
NEWS "A headshot with a sniper rifle is not relevant to real life."
PS3, PS4
US Xbox import ban a step closer
NEWS Judge recommends importation and sales block.
38 Studios lay-offs confirmed
NEWS Some employees unpaid.
PC, 360, PS3
Adventure & RPG
Star Wars: The Old Republic layoffs announced
NEWS Game still in "a strong position".
Street Fighter X Tekken patch breaks game [UPDATED]
NEWS Fire and steel a recipe for armageddon.
PC, 360, PS3
Diablo III accounts compromised - report [UPDATED]
NEWS Items and gold stolen, accounts lost.
PC, 360, PS3
RPG: Action
XCOM: Enemy Unknown dated, XCOM FPS sees further delays
NEWS Knights of Cydonia.
PC, 360, PS3
DRM doesn’t work; pirated games are not lost sales - CD Projekt
NEWS DRM versions of Witcher 2 pirated more than DRM-free copies.
A new Castlevania game will be revealed at E3 - rumour
NEWS "Mirror of Fate."
Silicon Knights and Epic Games finally face off in court
NEWS The stakes? $1.
Next gen consoles will definitely support used games - Pachter
NEWS Publishers have “no reason” to block used games.
Next big Kinect innovation will be on existing hardware - Microsoft
NEWS Eyebrow tracking? Please let it be eyebrow tracking.
Carrier Command dated, to be available on PC and Xbox
NEWS FPS/TPS/strategy hybrid out Q3.
Strategy: Real Time
New Wii U controller pics tweeted
NEWS Analogue sticks replace nubs.
Kingdoms of Amalur studio may yet survive
NEWS Loan will “never ever” happen again.
PC, 360, PS3
Adventure & RPG
Blizzard apologises for Diablo III server problems [UPDATED]
NEWS UPDATE: Auction house dated.
PC, 360, PS3
RPG: Online
Gameplanet launches in Australia
NEWS AustralianGamer joins our family.
Activision settles with EA over personnel poaching
NEWS West/Zampella case ongoing.
Epic will dictate next gen console specs - Sweeney
NEWS Unreal Engine 4 will shorten production times, set graphical bar.
PC, 360, PS3, WiiU
Halo 4 gets live-action series, free episodic content, multiplayer customisations
NEWS Could be anyone under that helmet.
Action: First-Person
Wii U lacklustre, E3 outdated - Molyneux
NEWS "Mildly curious" about GTA V.
Bad Company 3, Mirror’s Edge 2, Saints Row 4, Deus Ex 4 may all be in development
NEWS Rumour has it.
Sony responsible for Xbox success – former Microsoft exec
NEWS "Sony did some really not so smart things."
360, PS3
Diablo III auction house implemented to limit dishonesty - Blizzard
NEWS Greed is good.
PC, 360, PS3
RPG: Online
Rumour: Max Payne 3 source code details GTA V vehicle list
NEWS Bobsleigh! Hooray!
PC, 360, PS3
Action: Third-Person
Five new FIFA 2013 features unveiled
NEWS Dribble 'n' drool.
PC, 360, PS3, 3DS, PSP, Vita, PS2
Sports: Soccer