BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw has discussed some potential features for Dragon Age III.

Speaking on a panel at PAX East 2012, the series’ creative director stressed that nothing has been announced or confirmed before outlining three key points the studio would seek to address or implement in Dragon Age III.

BioWare is in the process of parsing critic and fan feedback on Dragon Age II, said Laidlaw, noting particularly that the series would have to stop recycling levels.

Instead, Laidlaw proposed more outdoor settings and presented some concept art of open landscapes.

“If we really have to go somewhere urban, let’s not go to Kirkwall,” said Laidlaw to laughter. “Let’s go somewhere new. Maybe somewhere a little more – French.”

The game’s region of Orlais is a facsimile of France, and features characters with French accents.

Laidlaw also projected “decisions that matter”, including those made in the previous games. He noted that the studio would need to iron out the import problems inherent in prior instalments.

Finally, Laidlaw said of equipment for followers: “Yeah. It’s back.” A demonstration showed how a single piece of armour can change the look of several party members without detracting from the distinct look of each.

Dragon Age: Origins was the Gameplanet community’s Game of the Year in 2009. Its more action-oriented 2011 sequel, Dragon Age II, was not as warmly received.