Kiwi developer Sidhe is considering whether or not to appeal to the public for the necessary funds to get a space combat game off the ground.

Sidhe describes “Project Space” (working title) as “a modern take on the classic space combat and exploration game Elite.” The game is set in the distant future and features displaced humans exploring an unknown galaxy.

“With heavy customisation and expansive procedural content, the game also included social cross pollination of content inspired by the likes of Spore,” continues Sidhe. “We also really liked the cinematic depiction of combat as seen in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica which was a big inspiration.”

Development on the game was indefinitely suspended due to a lack of funding. However, the enthusiasm with which Markus “Notch” Perrson’s Elite-like upcoming game “0x10c” has been received has given Sidhe cause to reconsider.

Sidhe has released various assets for the game including concept art and a video of a playable PC/Xbox 360 demo.