Following Kotaku’s supposed scoop on the PlayStation 4 last week, VG247 is now claiming it has details on a successor to the Xbox 360.

According to the site, the new console is slated for release over the 2013 holidays, will include a Blu-ray drive and, like the rumoured PlayStation 4, will require a constant Internet connection as an “anti-piracy” measure.

VG247 cites unnamed sources stating the next Xbox will have twin GPUs, and between four to six CPU cores. One core will power the operating system, another will power Kinect 2, and the rest will be reserved for software.

The website claims the two graphics cards are each equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series, but “not CrossFire or SLI.” Unlike a typical dual PC configuration in which the two cards would take it in turns to draw the same object, the console’s two graphics cards can apparently work independently to draw separate items simultaneously.

One of VG247’s “multiple sources” is said to have described the machine as “two PC’s strapped together.”