New details about CCP’s vampire MMO, World of Darkness, have been revealed at a fan event in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The presentation by senior producer Chris McDonough, subtitled “news of our undeath have been greatly exaggerated”, also sought to reassure fans that development on the MMO is continuing apace after a recent restructure at CCP cast doubt over the project’s future.

“Part of the reason we've been keeping it secret is so we could wait until we show you something that makes you guys nuts,” said McDonough.

McDonough showed thematically gothic takes on each of the game’s three principle cities, New York, Paris and London. The game will feature a deep political system and one player will be able to become the “Prince” of each city, a role that includes the power to inflict permadeath on other player characters.

The game’s lore will be based on Vampire: The Masquerade.

Blood will be the in-game currency, tailoring will not be included in the game – vampires don’t sew – but it will feature a deep melee combat system.

McDonough added that more information would be revealed later this year. “We're going back into lay-low mode, then you guys will see some really core stuff. There is no release date because we have a lot to live up to. Eve changed the game industry and we want World of Darkness to do the same.”