EA has today announced FIFA Manager 12, the latest instalment in its football management simulation.

The currently game boasts over 700 improvements, and a suite of new and improved features inspired by a community input programme called “Your Feature!”

With Your Feature, fans of the franchise proposed and voted on additions to the game. Community driven features include “Speeches Before The Match”, “European Cup Final Match”, “Trial Training Day For Hobby Players”, new tutorial “Manager Challenges,” and an extension of the last 24 hours of the transfer market, writes EA.

Additionally, FIFA Manager 12 includes a number of enhancements to existing features, says EA, such as improvements to the 3D mode, new logic and player AI, improvements to substitutions and the conduct of opposing managers. EA also touts a new user interface that it says will present players with all relevant information on any game, giving them the ability to make informed decisions within seconds.

Improvements to the financial system also make the experience “more authentic,” says EA. On-pitch success and the scaling of on-jersey brand sponsorship directly impact revenue.

FIFA Manager 12 is due on PC later this year.