The launch line-up for Sony’s upcoming NGP handheld has been expanded.

An adaptation of the PlayStation 3 pool game, Hustle Kings will feature cross-platform multiplayer and “staggered turns” meaning players can participate in several games with several opponents simultaneously.

Reality Fighters is an augmented reality game by Novorama, a studio best known for the PSP game Invizimals. The game projects fighters into the player’s real-world background captured by the NGP’s camera.

Sound Shapes is described as a “rhythmical platformer” that will support user-generated content and networked gameplay. The game is a provisional title.

These games join an established launch line-up that currently includes Resistance Retribution, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Super Stardust Delta, WipEout 2048, Little Deviants and Everybody's Golf.

These titles and more will be shown at E3. Gameplanet will be reporting live from Los Angeles throughout E3, which runs from 7th-9th June (8th-10th June NZT).