Scanned images of an E3 promotional sheet for Sony's new handheld gaming device, codenamed NGP, have appeared on the internet. The images show what could be the final name of the device: PlayStation Vita.

Vita is the Latin and Italian word for "life".

This should be considered simply rumour at this stage – it's entirely possible the images are fake – but there is some evidence in support of the idea, in the form of internet domain name registrations made by a domain holding company known to be used by Sony. The company registered and on 19th April this year.

If true, the name would suggest a shift in PlayStation brand strategy. Previous devices have all used much more straightforward names – PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable. Perhaps "PSP2" would be too easily confused with "PS2", or it could also suggest Sony wants to position the NGP as a fresh start for its portable gaming ambitions, and not merely a sequel to the PSP. The name "Vita" conjures up connotations of a healthy lifestyle (as in 'vitamins' and 'Vita-Weat' biscuits) – if this is real, Sony's marketing team has clearly been busy with its focus groups.

Expect to see this confirmed or denied when Sony details the NGP launch at E3 next week.