Sony's Networked Products and Services Group – which includes PlayStation, Vaio and Qriocity – recorded an operating profit of ¥35.6 billion (NZD $541 million) for the financial year ended 31 March 2011, on sales of ¥1,572 billion (NZD $23.8 billion).

These figures predate the PlayStation Network breach and outage, which is expected to cost the company approximately ¥14 billion (NZD $212 million) in the financial year to 31 March 2012.

Sony had been losing money on the PlayStation 3 since the console's launch in 2006, but with the introduction of the slim model at the end of 2009 that started to change, and the division is now reported to be profitable thanks to reduced hardware costs and improved software sales in the PlayStation 3 business.

Sales of PlayStation 3 consoles were up 10% during the year, to 14.3 million units (from 13 million the previous year). But PSP and PlayStation 2 hardware sales were down, to 8 million (from 9.9 million) and 6.4 million (from 7.3 million) respectively. PlayStation 3 had lifetime unit sales of 50.0 million to 31 March, edging it ever closer to the Xbox 360's 53.6 million.

Increases on the software side were more dramatic – PlayStation 3 game sales rose 28% to 147.9 million units (from 115.6 million the previous year). PSP game sales also saw a modest increase, to 46.6 million (from 44.4 million). However, PlayStation 2 game sales continued to fall, dropping by more than half to hit 16.4 million (from 35.7 million).

Sony Corporation as a whole recorded an overall loss of ¥256.9 billion (NZD $3.9 billion). Sales were down 0.5 per cent to ¥7,181 billion (NZD 109 billion) but most of the loss was attributed to deferred tax assets.