Quantic Dream boss David Cage has dismissed the MotionScan technology used by Rockstar and Team Bondi in L.A. Noire as “an interesting dead end.”

MotionScan captures an actor's facial performance and carefully reproduces its nuances in-game. In upcoming detective thriller L.A. Noire, the technology is used so that players can “read” the faces of characters they’re questioning.

In an interview with CVG, Cage said of MotionScan, “I think it's an interesting solution to a problem for now. But it's also an interesting dead end. That's exactly what I feel. Their technique is incredibly expensive and they will never be able to shoot body and face at the same time.”

He then pointed out that his studio’s technology is capable of capturing an actor’s entire performance. “We are doing that now and our next games will be shot with performance capture.”

“We see a huge difference between shooting the face and body separately and shooting everything at the same time. Suddenly you've got a real sense of acting that is consistent. You can't imagine how related what you say with your face is to what your body does. [Those using MotionScan] will never be able to do that.”

Yesterday, Rockstar announced that L.A. Noire had been made an Official Selection at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Festival coordinator Geoff Gilmore has said of the game, “It’s an invention of a new realm of storytelling that is part cinema, part gaming, and a whole new realm of narrative expression, interactivity, and immersion.”

Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain also sought to bridge the gap between filmmaking and interactive entertainment. The game was a strong critical success, achieving an average critical score of 87/100.