Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

Thwarted StarCraft modder wins job offer (Eurogamer) - It's been a real bad news/good news week for the modder behind a much-publicised StarCraft II mod. While he was left nursing his wounds yesterday after Blizzard's lawyers stamped on his World of StarCraft confection, today he's popping corks after winning a job offer from Riot Games.

Blizzard comments on World of StarCraft, invites creator to HQ (Joystiq) - Blizzard has released a statement regarding the pulled YouTube videos of a StarCraft 2 mod by Ryan Winzen that turned the RTS title into a game more closely resembling World of Warcraft. While the developer admits that YouTube was asked to kill the videos because of the trademarked name "as part of our routine procedure," the mod itself will live on. "As always, we actively encourage development of custom maps and mods," Blizzard says in the statement, and it is "looking forward to seeing the continued development of this mod."

In fact, the company sought out the mod's creator and has "extended an offer to the developer to visit the Blizzard campus and meet with the StarCraft 2 development team.

Scarface crowned sweariest game ever (Eurogamer) - Potty-mouthed PlayStation 2 movie tie-in Scarface contains more swear words than any other videogame, according to Guinness World Records: 2011 Gamer's Edition.

Bethesda’s Hines: “I don’t see a demo for RAGE on the cards” (vg247) - Wanting to play a RAGE demo before it launches in September? Chances are looking slim, Jim.

Bethesda PR VP Pete Hines has told VG247 that, whilst not fully ruling it out, a demo for RAGE is very unlikely.