Ubisoft has announced that it will release a new Assassin’s Creed in 2011, backpedalling on suggestions that the franchise would be rested this year.

The news comes via an investor’s call in which CEO Yves Gillemot said, “There will be something around Assassin's [next year]. That's all we can say," (via Eurogamer).

As to the game’s content, CFO Alain Martinez said nothing would be discussed before the new year: “Maybe after Christmas in January we'll be able to talk about what kind of product we have.”

The news comes as some surprise as Ubisoft’s Jean-Francois Boivin said in July, “I believe this license needs a breather.

“You can't plough a field every year. Once every three years – or once every something – you have to let it breathe. You have to let the minerals back in. I think it's the same thing with any license, really.”

Nonetheless, Boivin recognised that the decision didn’t lie with him: “At the end of the day [this business is] about selling games.”