Sony Computer Entertainment have dropped the retail price of the PSPgo to ¥16,800 (NZD $276) in Japan, effective immediately. US retailers have followed suit, cutting the price by USD $50 to USD $199 (NZD $265).

Sony have also confirmed that the PSPgo will be priced at £159.99 (NZD $334) in the UK as of November 1, down from the original launch price of £225 (NZD $470).

Gameplanet received the following comment from Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand this afternoon;

Some other countries have announced a price drop for PSPgo, this applies to those countries only and does not apply to ANZ.

This price change has occurred roughly a month after Nintendo announced that the 3DS would not be shipping until next year, and is ahead of Sony's quarterly earning report expected this Friday.

The download games-only device has failed to live up to sales expectations, having spent the year at the bottom of Japan's hardware chart, repeatedly outsold by the standard PSP.

PSPgo RRP pricing at a glance;

  • Japan: ¥16,800 (NZD $276)
  • North America: USD $199 (NZD $265)
  • United Kingdom (as of Nov 1): £159.99 (NZD $334)
  • Australia: AUD $449 (NZD: $591)
  • New Zealand: NZD $499