It's a couple of hours before BlizzCon officially kicks off at the Anaheim Convention Center. We head down towards the front of the line, to take in the atmosphere and anticipation, and to chat with Blizzard’s most dedicated fans, many of whom are in elaborate costumes. Not this guy at the very front, though:

Gameplanet: What’s your name?

Mysterious Blizzard Fan: Greg

Gameplanet: How long have you been in line?

Greg: Oh man, almost 12 hours now.

Gameplanet: 12 hours!?

Greg’s companion: He’s lying to you it’s actually been 13 hours and 30 minutes.

Tired Greg: Yep, that long.

Gameplanet: Crazy! What are you most excited about seeing at BlizzCon?

Tired Greg: StarCraft II and a bit of the WoW.

Gameplanet: So you play both?

Tired Greg: Yep, I got an 80 Warlock and I’m playing Terran on StarCraft II.

Gameplanet: Whereabouts are you from?

Level 80 Warlock Greg: Virginia.

Gameplanet: When did you come over?

Greg from Virginia: Four days ago, and we’re leaving on the 26th. Gonna have some fun.

Gameplanet: Thanks Greg, enjoy the show!