Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

Witcher 2 dev: RPGs not in competition (eurogamer) - CD Projekt scriptwriter Jan Bartkowicz reckons that role-playing games like Dragon Age and The Witcher 2 don't compete with each other, because fans of the genre are more likely to buy everything they can get their hands on than fans of action or sports games would be.

Blizzard smashes StarCraft II cheaters (eurogamer) - he game industry has gone banhammer crazy. This time it's Blizzard's turn: the PC developer has blocked 5000 accounts from playing phenomenal real-time strategy game StarCraft II.

"We recently took action, including suspensions and bans, on over 5000 StarCraft 2 players who were in violation of the Terms of Use for cheating and/or using hack programs while playing," reads a message on Blizzard's site.

Don Mattrick promoted to president of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft (vg247) - Microsoft’s announced Don Mattrick as the new president of its Interactive Entertainment group.

The exec was previously senior vice president of Interactive Entertainment at the company, looking after the Xbox brand at the time before Robbie Bach announced he’d be leaving his role as head of MS’s Entertainment and Device’s group.

Tim Schafer to receive lifetime achievement award (vg247) - Tim Schafer is to be honoured with a lifetime achievement award at this year’s IndieCade Awards, which forms part of the International Festival of Independent Games.

Only 995,000 more requests before Capcom's Inafune considers a new Darkstalkers game (Joystiq) - Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono told Eurogamer that making another [Darkstalkers] game … would be his "ultimate dream." However, he says that only fan demand will cause it to happen.

According to Ono, it will take one million requests before Inafune says yes. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made. When asked how many requests they've received so far, he said "we've got 5000."