Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

MJ MMO: "No doubt" people will joke (eurogamer) - SEE Virtual Worlds, the developer of newly announced Michael Jackson MMO Planet Michael, is prepared for the onslaught of rotten tomatoes.

"There is no doubt we will be open to people joking about it and criticising it. We'll just have to roll with that as it comes, so to speak," SEE Virtual Worlds developer Josh Gordon told USA Today.

Christopher Nolan “looking at” creating game based on Inception (vg247) - Director Christopher Nolan has said he’s currently looking into the possibility of creating a videogame based on the world of Inception.

Speaking with Variety about the film during it’s premiere in Italy this week, Nolan said an Inception inspired game is at least a couple ears out.

Blizzard developing mods internally for StarCraft II (vg247) - Blizzard has said it’s to develop mods internally for StarCraft II, in order to offer “polished gameplay experiences” for fans.

Visceral keen on Dead Space 3 (vg247) - The second’s not out for another four months, but Dead Space 2 producer Steve Papoutsis has told EG developer Visceral is keen on making a third game in the series.

Weta Is Making Halo: Reach ATVs (Kotaku) - Weta Workship, the New Zealand studio that specializes in fantastical concept design and manufacturing, the team responsible for making a drivable Halo Warthog, is making more Halo vehicles. Exactly two Mongoose-style ATVs to be exact.

EA boss says Need for Speed series was hurt by 'death march' dev cycle (Joystiq) - EA CEO John Riccitiello told attendees of a recent Bank of America conference (via CVG) that Need for Speed developer Black Box Studios was "on a death march, building for five years in a row," citing a decline in sales between 2004 and 2007 as the end result. "[They were] annual iterations, they had to put it out; no rest for the weary," Riccitiello said.