Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

APB "plug to be pulled" within 24 hours (eurogamer) - The Realtime Worlds saga is drawing to an abrupt close, with administrator Begbies Traynor this afternoon confirming industry speculation that the "plug is about to be pulled" on its APB title after failing to attract a buyer.

MOH "not about the Taliban or Al-Qaeda" (eurogamer) - Greg Goodrich has told Eurogamer that the new Medal of Honor uses the Afghanistan war, Taliban insurgents and Al-Qaeda because that's where the game's stars, the Tier One Operators, were deployed.

"The story that we wanted to tell was about these guys in this initial fight, and the individuals that we hooked up with happened to be doing it there," the game's executive producer explained in an interview published today.

First Michael Jackson: The Experience trailer demonstrates how you will (not) play (vg247) - Ubisoft’s put out a trailer for the Wii version of Michael Jackson: The Experience, and while it does technically demonstrate what playing the game will entail, it does so in a way we can’t quite see ourselves replicating. For one, we don’t even think our living room – which you may have seen on the cover of Sardine Can Monthly’s most recent issue – has room for that many people. Also, we have no friends.

BioShock Infinite propaganda posters are rather awesome (vg247) - Irrational Games has handed over some exclusive artwork for BioShock Infinite to Game Informer, and you can see some of it on the mag’s official site.

Rockstar details Undead Nightmare Pack for RDR a bit more (vg247) - Rockstar has detailed its Undead Nightmare Pack for Red Dead Redemption a bit more.

It has zombies, remember?