Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

MS: No game is bigger than Halo (eurogamer) - Microsoft has confidently proclaimed "no game is bigger than Halo" just hours before Bungie's last entry in the science fiction shooter series, Halo: Reach, goes on sale around the world.

The console manufacturer reckons the launch of Reach will be 2010's "biggest entertainment event", and likens it to the release of film Star Wars: Episode 1.

Star Wars Kinect alive and well (eurogamer) - We'd heard from a well-informed source at the US studio that LucasArts only heard about the game "just before E3", and apparently the video shown at the lavish Los Angeles event was just that, with no game actually behind it.

LucasArts denied the claim, however, and reconfirmed to Eurogamer that Star Wars Kinect, which is quietly in development at Ghostbusters: The Videogame creator Terminal Reality, will be released next year.

Red Faction: Armageddon delayed; Saints Row 3, Space Marine get release windows (vg247) - According to a recent release schedule from THQ, Red Faction: Armageddon’s take a dive into May 2011, which is a couple months removed from its previous window of Q1 2011.

In addition, THQ’s mapped out the remainder of its 2011 schedule, with MX vs. ATV Alive set for spring, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine for summer, and a new installments of both Saints Row and WWE for fall.

BioShock Infinite will see Columbia under civil war, says Irrational (vg247) - Irrational Games boss Ken Levine has detailed how Columbia will be under civil war in BioShock Infinite.

“You see a buildup of a nativist or nationalist movement, and often there’s an event that comes out of that – whether it’s a war or whatever – which either enhances that or pushes it back,” he said.