Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

Blizzard wants “right partners” for a StarCraft movie, says James Cameron would fit the bill (vg247) - Speaking with MTV Multiplayer, Blizzard EVP of game design Rob Pardo was all for a StarCraft movie – but on one condition: the “right partners” need to come out of the woodwork first.

Rumor: Microsoft finally revamping Xbox controller’s d-pad (vg247) - According to sources that spoke with Joystiq (fitting, we know), Microsoft’s finally decided to put some joy into its horrendously inaccurate piece of plastic. The d-pad, which is currently the sole blemish on an otherwise solid controller, will apparently raise up a quarter of an inch whenever you rotate it 90 degrees.

Dragon Age 2: “A lot of other choices” make up for single player race, says Dr Ray (vg247) - You may only be able to play as a human in Dragon Age 2, but BioWare boss Ray Muzyka is convinced the RPG won’t leave you gasping for choice.

“I think we certainly make up for the fact there’s a little more constraint with the character choice with a lot of other choices,” said the exec, speaking to VG247 at Gamescom earlier this month.

“And really, the focus allows a lot of the polish in there too.”

Italian American Group Claims Victory In Making Mafia II Launch Party Lame (Kotaku) - UNICO National, the group representing Italian-Americans upset over the portrayal of Italian gangsters in the recently released Mafia II, have scored a win in their battle against 2K Games' mobster adventure. They claim to have unquestionably pooped 2K's launch party.

Andre' DiMino, spokesperson and man upset by Mafia II, says that the group's protest against the 2K Czech-developed game is directly responsible for the New York launch event being nothing more than "a sparse group of mostly young people."

Rumor: Snoop Dogg tracks coming to Rock Band Sept. 7 (Joystiq) - Rock Band Aide, the premier fan site for Harmonix's soon-to-be-expanded rhythm game, reportedly uncovered a thrilling pop-up advertisement while watching MTV sister station Palladia -- one which revealed a September 7 release date for the eight-song Snoop Dogg track pack announced for Rock Band a year and a half ago. A year and a half! Why, that was long before the December release of Mr. Dogg's chart-topping "Malice N Wonderland." How the times have changed!