EA Sports have developed a new feature entitled "Be A Goalkeeper" for FIFA 11. This will enable the experience of playing as the keeper, and place control of all 22 players on the pitch in human hands.

The new feature will be available for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 when FIFA 11 is available in stores on 1 October in New Zealand.

Chelsea FC and Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Čech has been signed as the spokesperson for Be A Goalkeeper and will be featured in advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns.

Be A Goalkeeper is being promoted by EA as a completely new way to play - instead of thinking as a player out in the middle of the pitch, you will need to think and react as the goalkeeper.

Be A Goalkeeper will feature three levels of accessibility with varying degrees of AI assistance — assisted, semi-assisted and fully manual. Players will be able to compete as the goalie in Career Mode and play through a 15-year career or create themselves as the goalie in Virtual Pro 2.0 to learn the position, track stats, complete achievements and test themselves against players in the virtual world.

For more information, check out the EA Sports website.