Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

StarCraft II US pre-orders reach 684,000 ( - Pre-orders for Blizzard's long-awaited PC sequel StarCraft 2 stand at 684,000 in the US alone, according to VGchartz.

The site predicts that this figure will rise to 750,000 by the time Tuesday's release date rolls around.

Australia delays decision on new ratings system ( - Planned [upcoming] discussions as to whether the R18+ game rating should be introduced to Australia have been cancelled, with November being the next mooted date.

Dragon Age 2 dialogue choice simplified (eurogamer) - BioWare has whittled Dragon Age 2 conversation choices down to three.

"Good" responses will be earmarked with an olive branch, "nasty" answers by a Greek comedy mask and "badass" by a red fist, according to IGN.

Irrational Games holding August event, Project Icarus reveal likely (vg247) - Irrational Games is holding an event in the Big Apple on August 11, and while information on what Ken Levine and company will be showing is sparse, the reveal of Project Icarus is likely.

DLC planned for Assasin’s Creed: Brotherhood (vg247) - Ubisoft confirmed during its ComicCon panel that it does have DLC plans for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

It was also said that Desmond will get more game time, and will “take a very unexpected turn. Things will change quite a bit in the present day. He’ll also be changing his look.”

THQ blames Red Dead Redemption for lower UFC 2010 sales (Joystiq) - Last month, THQ reported some not-so-awesome sales figures for its second annual entry into the UFC Undisputed franchise -- to the tune of an almost 50 percent decline from sales for last year's first stab at game-ifying the sport...Jon Rooke, the company's UK marketing director, provided one possible explanation for the decrease: "That's largely down to Red Dead Redemption.”

Rooke stated that the title hasn't "delivered the broader sales yet." He added, "Rockstar have probably taken a fair amount of our market share. They shipped 5m units, taking a lot of consumer dollars."