Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

Were PC Gamers Too Good For Microsoft's Cross-Platform Gaming Project? (gizmodo) - Rahul Sood, Voodoo PC founder and current CTO of gaming at HP, spins an interesting yarn about an aborted Microsoft project that would've let PC and Xbox gamers face-off. The only problem? During testing, the PC gamers cleaned Xboxers' clocks.

Microsoft has room to cut 360 S and Kinect prices in early 2011 ( - Microsoft's pricing for motion control peripheral Kinect and the new premium Xbox 360 S model has left the company with plenty of room to cut prices early next year.

That's according to Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter, who said that the $299 price for the new 250GB Xbox suggests the SKU is "very profitable".

Molyneux struggles to get ideas across (eurogamer) - Project Milo creator Peter Molyneux has admitted he finds it "insanely hard" to convince others of the validity of his new game ideas before they're realised.

The Lionhead boss told Eurogamer in an interview published elsewhere on the site that getting people to buy into his ideas is "a massive problem".

No StarCraft II reviews before release (eurogamer) - There will be no reviews of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty before its launch on Tuesday next week, Eurogamer can reveal. All press will be experiencing it for the first time alongside the rest of you.

There will be launch events worldwide on the evening of Monday 26th July ... and we understand servers will be turned on by midnight for those lucky enough to secure an early copy.

This will happen by time zone, too, so players and journalists in Australia and New Zealand will be the first to get a taste of StarCraft II, followed by Asia, Europe, and last of all North America.

Second set of Sega Genesis classics now available on PC (vg247) - Sega announced today the second installment of Genesis games for PC are now available via digital distribution.

These titles include: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Bonanza Bros., Columns, Dr Robotnick’s Mean Bean Machine, Ecco Jr., Eternal Champions, Galaxy Force, Kid Chameleon, Ristar, Sonic Spinball, and Super Thunder Blade starting at [USD] $2.99 each.

Blizzard: World of Warcraft movie has slowed, but still happening (Joystiq) – [Blizzard’s] Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen confirmed that though the process has slowed recently, the movie is still happening. Director Sam Raimi is still "very, very passionate" about getting the movie made, but Metzen said that a treatment is still being hammered out. If that gets approved, he said, then "hopefully it'll start moving very quickly, very soon."