Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

Pachter: 3D gaming is a fad “for the next five years at least” (vg247) - Speaking in the latest episode of Gametrailers show Pach Attack, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has said he feels 3D gaming is more of a fad than the future.

Pachter thinks 3D TV adoption is going to take a long time is due to the cost of the glasses.

SOE lays off 35 employees (vg247) - “In a move to better align the company’s resources against areas of growth that meet consumer demand in today’s online market as well as improve operational efficiency, Sony Online Entertainment has eliminated just over 4 percent of its full-time workforce, equaling 35 people,” SOE’s Scott Gulbransen said in a statement to Joystiq.

SOE’s currently hard at work on The Agency and DC Universe Online. It also recently announced a free-to-play Star Wars: Clone Wars MMO.

COD sub-based by end of the year? (Eurogamer) - Activision will charge gamers to play first-person shooter behemoth Call of Duty online by the end of the year, analyst Michael Pachter has predicted.

"Unless and until the publishers come up with a business model that appropriately captures the value created by the multiplayer experience," the gaming clairvoyant told Industry Gamers, "we are destined to see a migration of game playing away from packaged goods purchases and toward multiplayer online.

Alien Swarm and Source-based SDK launching for free this Monday (Joystiq) - In an announcement perhaps meant to obliterate the definition of "Valve Time," the publisher announced that Alien Swarm has been rebuilt in Source Engine and will be released -- for free, no less -- tomorrow, Monday, July 19.

EA to ditch Ubisoft shares ( - Electronic Arts is attempting to sell its 15 per cent stake in French publisher Ubisoft, according to claims by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Ubisoft apparently confirmed the rumour in an email statement to Businessweek, adding that "we feel that this transaction is in Ubisoft’s best interest."

Starcraft II cost $100 million to make – Report (Gamespot) - According to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Activision Blizzard has spent over $100 million on the three-part sequel to the science-fiction real-time strategy game, which kicks off with Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty on July 27.

The report stated the $100 million was purely development price and made no mention of marketing expenditures. That lofty figure well exceeds Gran Turismo 5's $60 million development cost, one of the most expensive video games to date.