Here’s a roundup of today’s news found elsewhere on the internet:

Activision studios to focus on one title at a time (vg247) - Activision executive VP of worldwide studios Dave Stohl has said the company has moved away from a business model where multiple studios work on more than one project at a time.

Speaking with Joystiq during E3, Stohl said this kind of thinking no longer made sense this day and age.

“It doesn’t make sense anymore,” he said. “You’ve really got to focus.

“People want the freedom to put all their resources against the big opportunity, and that’s what we’re trying to do. We saw it kinda coalesce around one or two titles a publisher.

“On the Guitar Hero side, yeah, we’re not pursuing the strategy of doing as many SKUs as we were. And that’s a good thing, because that will simplify the strategy around one release on the Guitar Hero side and focus on innovation there.

“So the opportunities and projects are just bigger; they’re more challenging. And it absolutely takes focus. I mean, it really does.”

This means that Activision studios like 7 Studios, Beenox, Bizarre Creations, FreeStyleGames, High Moon Studios, Infinity Ward, Neversoft, Radical Entertainment, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch, and Vicarious Visions will only be working on one project at a time.

Stohl also said Activision’s looking to create more games with a connected network where online play and community is promoted among users.

“The fact that Call of Duty is a game that really promotes a connected network — this big backend environment that promotes competition, that promotes play with your buddies — I think those are important things we want to see in all of our games,” Stohl said.

“That doesn’t mean that every game is a natural hardcore, ‘player versus player’ kind of experience, but there’s a certain kind of community — social connected piece — to it.”

Current games in the works at Activision include: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Monster Jam 2011, DJ Hero 2, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Wipeout: The Game, GoldenEye 007, and True Crime: Hong Kong, among others.

Realtime Worlds cut jobs post APB launch (vg247) - Realtime Worlds has announced a restructure of its workforce following the release of All Points Bulletin.

According to a report on Develop, a small number of staff will be made redundant, and an unnamed project in the works is to be downscaled.

Despite a mediocre reception from critics, the firm said APB had “a very smooth launch”, with studio head Dave Jones chalking the reviews up to “too high of expectations”.

“We now have to focus our efforts and resources on running APB as a 24/7 online live operation, creating new content and services for the future and ensuring the best possible experience for the players,” said RTW CEO Gary Dale, adding that the firm will still be hiring post-release support for the MMO.

The report didn’t stat whether the folks made redundant were temporary employees or not, which is not an unheard of practice once a game has shipped and the extras are no longer needed.

StarCraft 2 beta receives major patch (Joystiq) - European participants in the StarCraft 2 beta -- which shut down exactly one month ago today -- recently found themselves the recipients of a surprising package: a patch for the dormant pre-release of Blizzard's blockbuster strategy game. Blizzard has since announced the patch for the US, and released patch notes for what is now known as Patch 16, which includes Zerg balance fixes, new Achievements and six AI difficulties.

Considering that the beta was supposed to reappear "several weeks" after the first phase ended, we wouldn't be surprised if this patch served as a harbinger for the beta's return -- especially since the retail version of the game is due in just 20 days. We think it's safe to start working on bolstering your APM once more.