Here's today's roundup of top stories from elsewhere on the internet:

OnLive closes its biggest round of funding so far ( - Gamers might consider the service to be vapourware that will never get off the ground, but apparently some big corporations have faith in it. Cloud gaming service OnLive has closed a "major round of funding" from AT&T, Autodesk, Warner Bros, Lauder Partners and Maverick Capital. OnLive CEO Steve Perlman said the funding – an undisclosed amount – was much larger than previous rounds and "gives us a serious jolt of rocket fuel" as the company prepares to launch its on-demand gaming service this summer. It began beta testing in September.

Australian authorities split over video game ratings ( - The recent decision by Australia's censorship board to refuse classification of zombie shooter sequel Left 4 Dead 2 (Valve is appealing the decision) has highlighted Australia's broken ratings system, which tops out at MA15+ for video games. Bringing in an R18+ rating would require all of Australia's attorneys-general to agree, but South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson is holding out. He said the interactive nature of video games meant they had a much greater influence than viewing a film or reading a book.

Sony plays down PSPgo retail concerns ( - Sony Computer Entertainment has moved to play down concerns from some sections of the retail sector surrounding the imminent launch of its PSPgo handheld, telling that most companies "were really quite fine with it". A number of retailers have refused to stock the device because of its digital download-only nature (meaning they can't sell any games for it), but Sony said they knew this might happen and there were actually less negative responses than they expected.

Dead Space 2 development starting in 'next few months' (GameSpot) - The day after the Wii spin-off Dead Space Extraction shipped, news has surfaced about the next installment in the main Dead Space series. A job listing posted by Visceral Games, Electronic Arts' recently rebranded Redwood Shores studio, reveals that development on a follow-up to the acclaimed 2008 original will begin shortly.

Modern Warfare 2 map pack due spring 2010 (GameSpot) - Activision Blizzard certainly knows a thing or two about hauling in cash, as evidenced by the publisher's billion-dollar April-June quarter. In a post-earnings call, Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith tipped off investors and analysts as to how it plans to extend Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's sales beyond the game's rapidly approaching November 10 release, saying that the game will get a pair of map packs post-launch.