Here's a roundup of today's top stories from elsewhere on the internet:

Natal to have dynamic 'play spaces,' but no patchable support (GameSpot) - Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda revealed at the Tokyo Game Show some more details about Project Natal. He confirmed that the camera sees only in the infrared spectrum, meaning lighting conditions in the room will not matter. The technology will also be able to adjust in-game playing areas to match gamers' real-world playing areas. "We can configure the play space around your living room," explained Tsunoda. "Let's say you had sofas that were squeezing in this way, we can automatically move the walls of the [Ricochet] court in. If you don't have a wall that goes back that far, they can move the wall up. So we can totally customize the play area to the dimensions of your personal play area." Tsunoda also stated that it would be very difficult to update games with Natal support in a downloadable patch; more likely, older games would have to be re-released to make use of the tech.

Weekly PC Sales: Aion Cannons Fire (Shacknews) - NCsoft's fantasy MMO Aion once again dominated the digital PC sales arena last week. The title took the top two slots on both the Steam and Direct2Drive charts with its collector's edition and standard download, respectively. The plucky post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth also seems to be doing well, capturing the third slot on both lists. Beyond the massively multiplayer stuff, Direct2Drive's five dollar sales are clearly pushing numbers, and Steam is still selling Counter-Strike.

Final Fantasy XIII to sell 6 million - Square Enix (GameSpot) - Japanese publisher Square Enix has been aggressively expanding out of its JRPG niche, fleshing out its catalogue by purchasing British publisher Eidos in April and signing several Western studios to development deals. It also plans to more heavily target China's online gaming market. The moves should double the company's recurring income over the next few years to ¥50 billion (NZ$775 million). It expects to ship more than six million copies of Final Fantasy XIII worldwide. The game releases in Japan in December and autumn 2010 elsewhere.

Ubisoft: DS market has declined this year ( - Ubisoft's sales numbers for the Nintendo DS platform are down this year compared to 2008, as part of the global slowdown following the economic collapse. "The DS market from last year to this year, in terms of software sales... overall, for everybody... there is a decline in the DS market in its entirety," said Ubisoft's Mark Slaughter. Coming into the Christmas period, the publisher's aim for this year is to defend the market share established by its 'Imagine' range of games for girls.

Gran Turismo 5 hits Japan March 2010 (GameSpot) - Rumours had been brewing that Gran Turismo 5 would be hitting the streets in time for Christmas, but Sony moved to quell this at the Tokyo Game Show, giving the game a release window of March 2010 in Japan. The rest of the world should get it not long after - "I don't think it's going to be that much later in the US and Europe," creator Kazunori Yamauchi said. New Zealand releases are generally in sync with the European region. The game will feature more than 950 cars, 20 locations, and 70 variations of tracks from which to choose.