Existing PSP owners who purchase a PSPgo will receive three free PSP game downloads, in a special promotion announced by Sony that will run from the PSPgo's launch on 1 October until 31 March next year.

It's not quite the UMD transition scheme that some fans were hoping for, but as players will be able to purchase any game from a list of 17 titles, rather than just games they already own on UMD, it should help make the PSPgo's $469 sticker price a little more palatable.

Titles available include Killzone: Liberation, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3, WipEout Pure, Everybody’s Golf, echochrome, Buzz!: Brain Bender, Buzz!: Master Quiz, LocoRoco and Patapon.

The process for PSPgo owners wanting to take advantage of the offer is as follows:

1. Unwrap your shiny new PSPgo and start it up
2. Connect to PlayStation®Network and activate your new or existing PlayStation Network account for PSPgo Rewards
3. Start up your current PSP and connect to PlayStation Network
4. Login using the same PlayStation Network account , and launch PlayStation®Store
5. Pop one of your UMDs into the drive of your current PSP and register on PSPgo Rewards when prompted
6. Download a PSPgo theme
7. Wait for your email voucher for your three free games
8. Choose, download and enjoy!

Sony also announced serveral accessories for PSPgo including a Bluetooth Stereo Headset Receiver, and a Converter Cable Adaptor that allows original PSP accessories to be used with PSPgo.