Here's a roundup of today's top stories from elsewhere on the internet:

Sidhe's Mario Wynands - Interview ( - In an interview to UK site, Mario Wynands, head of New Zealand-based Shatter developer Sidhe Interactive, discusses the ways in which a company in a limited population market, such as New Zealand, can set itself up to challenge on a global scale by harnessing the power of digital distribution - and treating the global market as one.

US PS3 sales up 300% at 'top retailers' - Sony (GameSpot) - Sony Computer Entertainment America has issued a media statement announcing that PS3 sales were up 300% for the first week of September compared to the previous week. Of course, supply of the old model had dried up and people were probably waiting to get the new one, but nevertheless it is an encouraging sign for the platform. Meanwhile, even greater increases of over 1000% are being reported in Europe, according to a related story.

NPD: US game industry slips 16% in August, PS3 sales nearly double (GameSpot) - Sony may be on the up, but the industry as a whole is still declining. US combined sales of non-PC game hardware, software, and accessories in August dropped 16 percent year-on-year to $908.72 million. This is however an improvement from July, which saw a 29% drop year-on-year.

Jobs: iPod Touch primarily a gaming device ( - In an interview with the New York Times, Apple CEO Steve Jobs described how the iPod maker was initially unsure of how to market the iPod Touch - "Was it an iPhone without the phone? Was it a pocket computer?" - but that it has come to be "the lowest-cost way to the App Store". The platform has become a compelling one for games, with over 21,000 games available on the App Store - many times the number available for Nintendo DS or Sony PSP, which offer fewer games at much higher prices. Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone also remain the only devices with multitouch screens.