The Left 4 Dead Steam community has joined together to campaign against the release of Left 4 Dead 2.

Fans are outraged that developers Valve have failed to provide extra content for the original Left 4 Dead, and that the additional content announced for Left 4 Dead 2 doesn't warrant a standalone sequel.

The Steam community page in question contains statements such as "The release of Left 4 Dead 2 as a stand-alone sequel will split the communities and decrease the quality of multiplayer gaming", and "Left 4 Dead has not yet received the support and content which Valve has repeatedly stated will be delivered." The group demands that Valve "honour its commitment to release ongoing periodic content for Left 4 Dead", and that "Left 4 Dead owners be given discounts for Left 4 Dead 2, should it be released as premium content."

You can read about Valve's previous promises in this article from

Valve's marketing director Doug Lombardi stated in an interview with Eurogamer last week that the company has not "closed the book" on additional content and support for the original Left 4 Dead title.

"there's more content coming for Left 4 Dead in the fairly short term".

"I think the short answer is: trust us a little bit".

The sequel is due out on 17th November for PC and Xbox 360. Thanks Eurogamer.