If there are two words you should refrain from uttering around gamers, try arts and culture. Yet two Auckland actors have done just that – and met with unexpected success.

The result is their self-penned play, Gestalt, which will be at the Basement Theatre from March 16 – 21

In a case of life imitating art, Gestalt is about three guys whose life revolves around Halo and asks what happens when a girlfriend is thrown into the mix.

“I used to go round to my friend’s place and play,” recalls Van Horn. “They had three TVs in three rooms and we’d divide up into teams. After a few hours, I’d leave them to go and hang with my girlfriend and they’d still be going for it.”

Best friends since they graduated from the Unitech Performing Arts course in 2002, Amosa and Van Horn have also acted together in several Silo Theatre plays. But this is the first production they have staged, with Amosa directing and Van Horn starring alongside Jason Fitch (ex Shortland Street), Damien Avery and Laura Turnbull.

“We were really stoked by the reception we got at Armageddon,” says Amosa. “Now we’re looking forward to playing in front of a theatre crowd.”

In typical New Zealand do-it-yourself fashion, Fasitua Amosa and David Van Horn wrote Gestalt when both were looking for acting work. Based around the lives of obsessive gamers, it broke new ground when the pair staged it at New Zealand’s gaming and pop culture expo, Armageddon, in October.

“A play is the last sort of thing you’d expect to see at Armageddon and to be honest, we thought we were pushing our luck even approaching the organisers about it,” says Van Horn. “It’s fair to say that you generally wont find the Armageddon crowd among Auckland’s theatre audience”

Amosa and Van Horn are keen gamers themselves and developed Gestalt from a story written by a friend. Gestalt is at the Basement Theatre from March 16 – 21. Tickets cost $15 and $10 concession from buytickets.co.nz.