Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo DSi, the third iteration of the DS handheld, will launch in New Zealand on April 2nd. Japan got the DSi in November last year.

It will be available in both black and white colours for an RRP of NZ$375.

The Nintendo DSi features an even slimmer build than the DS Lite (12% thinner), larger screens (3.25" versus 3"), two 0.3MP digital cameras, an SD card slot and improved speakers. The unit's ARM9 CPU has also been upgraded to 132MHz (from 67MHz in the original DS and DS Lite) and RAM is increased to 16MB from 4MB.

On the downside, battery life is reduced from 19 hours to 14 hours (on lowest brightness), and backward compatibility has been eliminated with the removal of the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot. This will also mean the DSi will be incompatible with accessories that use the slot, such as the Nintendo DS Rumble Pak and the grip required for the Guitar Hero: On Tour games. All other DS software will be compatible.

The Nintendo DSi Shop will allow users to download DSiWare games and software to the internal memory or an SD card, by spending Nintendo Points. The DSi will also have a web browser.

Nintendo DSi has something for everyone, containing more functions to bring you more fun! Keep a photo diary via your Nintendo DSi Camera; store and play music with Nintendo DSi Sound; or why not browse the web on your Nintendo DSi via the Nintendo DSi Shop! New features include larger LCD screens, SD memory card slot, improved speakers and a slimmer unit.