Atari New Zealand, exclusive distributor for Eidos Interactive in New Zealand, is proud to announce that the much anticipated Tomb Raider Challenge is live and is quickly capturing the attention of the gaming community.

To celebrate the launch of Tomb Raider: Underworld across New Zealand on Friday 5th December, the Tomb Raider Challenge will showcase the environmental puzzle solving aspects of the game via an innovative digital artefact hunt.

Pioneering Google’s ground breaking technology, Google Earth, the Tomb Raider Challenge invites residents of Australia and New Zealand to decipher clues and fly around the earth to find digital artefacts.

Each day for 21 days a new clue is available. The first person each day to decipher the clue and find the hidden artefact in Google Earth wins a Sony Playstation 3 and a copy of Tomb Raider: Underworld.

The clues are delivered by a downloadable desk top widget called Desktop Lara. Desktop Lara will keep contestants updated with all the latest clues and content associated with the challenge by kicking, somersaulting and shooting her way on to their desktop.

In addition to the daily clues, contestants can test their guessing skills by placing a dagger into Google Earth in the location of the Major Challenge. As each daily clue is solved a part of the image highlighting the location of the Major Challenge is revealed. The first person to place their dagger in the exact longitudinal and latitudinal location will win the major prize which includes a trip around the world and an amazing Sony prize pack.

With over 14,000 unique visits in the first five days and over 12,000 widget downloads, the Tomb Raider Challenge is gaining momentum fast.

Tomorrow’s clue is:

“At the tip of the lower river, ground trembles and an island of dark becomes light”

Head to the official site to get involved.