The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), and AnimfxNZ, the world’s leading conference for digital animation, effects, animation and games, have announced that the 2008 "Into the Pixel" art exhibition will make its first trip south of the equator this November. The collection of fine art from the video game industry will be on exhibit during the AnimfxNZ show, November 14-16, 2008. During the show, the organizers will hold a silent auction for four of the most popular pieces in the collection with proceeds going to charity.

“The Into the Pixel collection is true art and it gives us an opportunity to show the AnimfxNZ audience of filmmakers, effects artists, and international game designers some of the high-level creativity present in the games discipline,” said Joseph Olin. “We hope to take the collection to additional events and galleries around the world to share and educate everyone on the art of interactive entertainment.”

“Into the Pixel is a true collection of masterpieces that would be at home in any fine art gallery around the world,” said Jos Ruffell, Chairman of the New Zealand Games, Animation and Visual Effects Trust (NZGAV), the organizing body behind Animfx. “AnimfxNZ is an international showcase of the best and brightest in animation, games, visual effects and digital animation, and having Into the Pixel there for the attendees to experience will help create a true environment of creativity at the conference.”

Under the theme, “Where Creative Convergence Begins,” AnimfxNZ is bringing together leaders from the four major creative digital mediums to share ideas and further the creation of digital entertainment. AnimfxNZ will take place November 14-16th, in Wellington New Zealand and present a line-up of keynotes and panels that feature the brightest minds in digital media today.